About Us

Our Story 

Amanda, Evelyn, and Taylor

For us, Open Box Outlet started with the birth of our daughter and a Valentines Day present in 2017. When my wife bought me a gift off Facebook Marketplace I promptly messaged the seller back to get more information on where she got her liquidated product. We began by purchasing liquidation pallets from local sellers and selling the items out of our garage. From there, we grew to a storage unit, to a small store in Delhi and now our larger location in Green Township! We absolutely could not have made it to where we are today without the support of our local shoppers and community! 

“We make comfortable living affordable.” The items you see in our store are liquidated items purchased from major online retailers. Amanda and I (with the extremely appreciated help of some friends and family) assemble almost every piece of furniture to make sure it is free of any deficiencies. Once assembled the item is placed on our floor for sale at a steep discount! If there are any deficiencies that item goes into the clearance room. Prices are not negotiable, but that is so everyone has the opportunity to get the same great deal! 

We appreciate your business!

Owners: Taylor Tribble, Amanda Tribble, Rex McBride

Boss: Evelyn Tribble